Rules and Regulations

1 Every student shall be dressed in formals.
2 When a teacher enters the class room, the student shall rise and stand till they are asked to sit.
3 No student shall leave the class room without the permission of the teacher, or until the teacher leaves the room, or asks the class to disperse
4 Students shall not make any noise white moving from class to laboratories
5 No student is allowed to enter the COLLEGE OFFICE unnecessarily
6 Any damage by the students to the college / Hostel Furniture / Building / Property will be made good at their expense and those responsible for such damage shall deal it severely .Collective fines will be imposed for any such damages if undetected
7 Students taking part in communal or political activities will be severely dealt with
8 Students are expected to read notices put on the College Notice Board. Ignorance of any notice thus put up will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it
9 Students guilty of adopting unfair means in the examination will be dealt severely
10 Any property lost found must be handed over to the Principal/ Office from whom the owner can claim it promptly after proving his / her ownership
11 The students are expected to behave well inside and outside the college in such a way as to maintain the good name of the college as well as their own
12 The names of students whose behaviour, in the judgement of the principar or any other coilege Authority, is undesirable or has unwhoresome infruence on others shalt be struck off from the rolls without assigning any reason students are not allowed to roiter in verandas during class hours
13 No student of the college shatt be a member of any association unconnected, without the prior perrnission of the Principal,nor shart a student take part in anti-sociar & subversive activities. A student contravening these rules is liable to be sent out of the College summarily.students are forbidden to organise or attend any college or collect money for any purposes without the prior permission of the PrinciPal
14 Cases of improper behavior, or default in the matter of payment of college Fees, fines or hostel dues will entail such disciplinary action as the Principal may deem fit

Note: Under the Government Educational Rules the Principal has full power to inflict the following punishments.
Levy of fines, with-hording of certificates, suspension and Expulsion.